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Ministerial Jealousy:  Killing the Green Eyed Monster // Art Azurdia

Ministerial jealousy is a disease that, at one time or another, plagues every gospel minister—most often, ironically, at pastors’ conferences.  How can you put it to death? How can you crucify this insidious sin that so radically contradicts the gospel you proclaim?

Intentionally Partnering with Families in Your Church // Brent Cisson

We all want the families in our churches to be intentional about raising generations that follow Jesus. Yet, we are often unsure of how to practically lay out a plan that accomplishes this.  This workshop will walk pastors and leaders through Heritage Milestones, the plan that Heritage Christian Fellowship (Medford, OR) has used to resource and equip families in this endeavor. We will share what has worked, what has been challenging, and what has failed. After attending this workshop, you will be given tools to honestly assess how your church is doing when it comes to intentionally partnering with families. You will also be prepared to formulate a vision to resource and equip the families in your church so that your church and the families within it are intentionally raising generations that follow Jesus.

How to Wildly Succeed with Volunteers // Brian Howard

Every church relies on volunteers to carry out its vision. In this workshop Brian will teach you how to double the number of volunteers in your church and how to excellently care for your current volunteers.

Administrative Assistants: The Position & Potential // Grace Maultsby

Sidekicks unite! Administrative assistants are the behind the scenes helpers that do just about anything and everything. They have a unique calling to help their pastor and ministry thrive. Come hear how success in this position comes from knowing your identity, knowing your pastor, and knowing your role. You will be encouraged in understanding why and how admins serve and grow the kingdom. We will also have an open group time of sharing practical tips and tricks that can enable all of us to be the super sidekicks God designed us to be.

Identifying & Responding to Domestic Violence in Your Church // Joanna Wong

Is there domestic violence in your church community?  How would you know? What would you say to a domestic violence survivor in crisis?

Current statistics estimate that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced domestic violence. However, misinformation on the topic abounds, and ignorance can cause irreparable harm.

Learn about the dynamics of domestic violence, discuss the hidden signs of abusive relationships, and practice trauma-informed counseling in this interactive workshop. Leaders and laypersons will be equipped to identify and respond to domestic violence in their churches.

Healthy Systems, Healthy Churches // Josh Reich

Every person, church, team, ministry or organization has a system and that system is either healthy or unhealthy. Healthy systems are crucial to the growth and longevity of any church. And like a body, those systems are interconnected with each other and work together to make the whole church all that God has called it to be. The healthier your assimilation, groups, kids, students, evangelism, preaching and formation systems are, the more people you can help grow in their relationship with Jesus. The question this workshop will answer isn't whether those systems in your church are in place - they are whether you know it or not.  The question is whether they are being maximized. You will leave with clear steps to take back to your team for systems that need work and what needs to be done to fix them.

Doing What You Can: Utilizing the Gifts God has Given to Minister as Women // Kirsten Black

The Bible is full of wise, courageous, faithful, godly women who did not believe they were doing anything exceptional. BUT, they believed in the greatness of their God. They did what they could in the midst of their circumstances. We will take a closer look at Mary of Bethany, who Jesus commends for “doing what she could” and how Mary’s example in Mark 14 can encourage us to be faithful with what we have in ministry.

Helping Your Staff & Other Leaders Grow as Shepherds // Mark Hallock

The Lord has called leaders in the church to shepherd with a heart like his. Just as our Heavenly Father is the ultimate Shepherd of his flock, so our churches are in desperate need of elders, staff and other lay leaders who capture and flesh out a biblical vision and conviction for faithful, shepherd leadership. In this workshop, we will be discussing how to help your staff and other leaders grow as shepherds.

Church in Hard Places:  Reaching the Least, Last & Lost // Steve Ross & Shaun Garman

Is there is really a need to plant new churches in hard to reach cities and rural areas? This workshop will discover why the answer is undoubtedly YES; and why, more than additional churches, we need to pray for, join, and lead movements modeled after the strategy of Jesus to reach the underserved areas of the US West. Engage with us as we explore how issues like poverty, crime, and injustice pave a way for gospel advancement that leads to people being transformed and rising up as Kingdom laborers in their own communities. The goal for this workshop is to help church leaders understand why we must be involved in helping those who have been overlooked, and for us all to consider the foundation for gospel-centered mercy ministry and mission.

Two Churches, One Mission:  How to Plant a Church from Your Church // Ty Neal & Travis Fox

Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches, right? So how do you plant churches from your existing church that will in turn plant churches? Come to this workshop to hear some practical steps and do’s and don’ts that are not just theory, but straight from Grace Point Church’s story of church planting in Las Vegas.  You will be equipped to create a church planting culture, strategically know how to assess your community's receptivity to a new church, and send out a healthy planting team. This session will also include a time for you to ask questions. It's not "rocket surgery;" every church can do this, but you will need a plan.